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ICT Sales & Support

Our ICT Sales & Support division provides the sale and support of various ICT (Information and Communication Technology) products and services.

This combines technical expertise and customer service skills to provide your business and organisation with the ICT products and services you need to operate efficiently and securely.

1. Networking Solutions

We provide the design, implementation, and maintenance of computer networks for your businesses and organisation. Our networking solutions include wired and wireless networks, LANs, WANs, and cloud-based networks.

2. Security & Servers

We provide the implementation and maintenance of security measures to protect your computer networks and systems from cyber threats. Our security and servers professionals work on areas such as firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and server administration.

3. Support Services

We provide technical support and assistance to our customers that are experiencing issues with their ICT products or services. Our support services professionals work on areas such as troubleshooting, remote support, and on-site support.

4. Backups & Recovery

We provide the implementation and maintenance of backup and recovery systems to protect against data loss and to ensure business continuity. Our backups and recovery professionals work on areas such as data backup, disaster recovery planning, and cloud backup solutions.

5. Hardware & Software

We provide the sale and support of various ICT hardware and software products, including computers, servers, laptops, printers, operating systems, and applications.

6. ICT Consultancy

We provide advice and guidance to your business and organisation on how to optimize yourr ICT systems and operations. Our ICT consultants work on areas such as ICT strategy, IT governance, and technology implementation planning.

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